sobx! seriuosly vewy de surprise..

i was about to cry but then when i saw the picha of Micky and I..

too excited and forgot to cry d.. XD

thank you everything that you all brought to me,

i seriously appreciated it!

love you guys!

krystal~ thank kew~ muaks! <3

sharon~ 我也想要趕快嫁韓國!! 你sponsor我啦~ XD

Ken Wong~ thank you.. sorry for the pass.. still friend, right? ^_^

ahmei~ 就是咯, 到我生日鳥.. XD 還有, 是Micky, 不是Mickey啦.. >_<.. 愛你!

rebekah~ 謝謝啦, 我可愛的楊丞琳~ ^_^

ah long~ 雖然真的好長氣, 但是, 謝謝你的九把刀!! ♥

chloe~ 劉嘉玲~~ 是Micky啦, Micky~ XD 謝謝所有的所有.. 愛你! ♥

jessica~ thank you, same to you too~ exam gambateh! ^_^

lay hwa & Qi2~ 愛你愛你, 好愛你們!! 哈哈~ 謝謝啦!

QQ~ come true come true~ thank you~ ♥

amelia~ ok lok 好吃~ each a cup 好喝! 謝謝你的演技哈! 愛你! XD

alvin~ 謝謝你的 xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx.. XD pepsi cola, coca cola, 7up, Sarsi 都分你一點啦~ 哈哈! 謝謝!

thank you chloe for the editing photos..

kind of shock when i've know that she's actually using Microsoft Word instead of Photoshop..!!

i'd seriously don't know actually Microsoft Word can edit picture!

like chloe said: skill-des! XD

thank you plus for the card..

nice one and i seriously love the Mickey! ^_^

and last but not least, 

thank you all my friends whoever participate in this surprise~

your love will always keep inside my heart deeply~ ^_^

love you guys! T____T

vewy de touching!


sibeh lovely.. XD

credit to Chloe Mooi Wai Yee larr! XD



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