went to Selama kampung and visit uncle for 2 days..

i seriously hate mosquito.. sobx!

after tat, went to sg. siput, my aunt's sister house for 2 days as well..

love the food over there~ woot!

went to Cameron Highland after visit my anut's sister house..

that was public holiday for everyone, which is Merdeka Day

so, jammed all the way up and down from Cameron.. phew!

love strawberry! woots! XD

after back from kampung visit,

went to Puchong and visit my bro and his 2 cute little 'monsters'..

hiak hiak.. they're way cuter than before!

aww.. grown up d weyy! XD

bought them a strawberry 'hammer' from Cameron,

them love it vewy much!


head to i-City with them as well!

vewy de fun weyy~

i-City got a lot of changes,

games added and the light still vewy de awesome!

COLORS gathering of course! 

hiak hiak! i've met Tracy's WWT.. 

erm.. no comment, as long as Tracy happy.. XD

too bad Ashley can't join us because of 'chicken pox'..

awww... too bad too bad...

and ya.. COLORS always forgot  to take picha.. =3=

every gathering oso forgot.. haiyaaa...

too bad too bad... >_<

anyways, exam on next week,,

have to turn on my study mood already..

but then i've totally on holiday mood!

die larr die larr...

god bless mew~~~!!!! >_<

she got a lot of poses nowadays.. woot! XD

audrey cutie!

i-City's old town.. seriously bad! the bread was the sucks i ever ate.. >_<



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