OMG, pixnet had ate my post!

i'd just post it just now but then end up nothing been post..

/.\.. WTH?! i need to retype it again?! /.\


it's kind of busy last week..

too many things happen in the time..

and yeah, Octorber ended and hello November.. ^_^


`my phone spoiled.. i can't click in to menu so that it's unable to text and call. so, my dad sponsored me a new phone. yeah, another new toy.. i'd finally got a samsung phone, not galaxy S but ACE.. love it tough.. thank kew daddy.. this is my first smartphone and it's android! oh yeah~ my life became so convenient because of the phone. and Ash bought the same phone with me.. i brought her to the shop that i bought and we've bought a same phone and same package.. LOL! another jimui phone with COLORS.. last time my phone was same like Doggi and Tracy.. now is Ash.. wakaka.. oh yeah, my phone is so superb till i can't imagine.. XD and now.. im so familiar with QR code.. XD

`shooted MV and posted on youtube. please help me to click a LIKE as your LIKE is my assignment marks.. ya, i know im kind of idiot in th video.. so please click a LIKE instead of view it.. /.\

`Ling and Doggi are loving the blog that we've made for her birthday.. it's seriously took us lots of time to done it.. so it's nice when heard that you're love it and cried for it.. wakaka.. glad to hear that.. ^_^

`sushi king bonanza.. went twice of the period.. each of the time ate 10 plates.. and yeah, i know im kind of big eater.. XD

`meeting, meeting, meeting, assignment, assignment, assignment.. i HATE this sem seriously.. >_<

`student bill paid.. it's so expensive compare with others.. /.\

`grow fater, fater, fater and fater... T^T

`Micky, Micky, Micky and still Micky.. my new phone is all about Micky.. XD


i love you NOVEMBER, and i know you love me too

so please treat me well ya~ ^_^



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